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Yazid Salahudeen Mikail

Data Scientist and Development Practioner/Expert

Hi, my name is Yazid Salahuden Mikail. I am a data scientist, storyteller, policy advocate, and social development practitioner with over four years of professional experience working on and managing projects around data, policy, and community engagement in the environment, governance, and data sectors.

I currently work as a data value advocate for the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, a global network using data to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals—through improving lives, fighting inequality, and promoting environmental sustainability. In addition, I serve as a youth advisor on the Iris Project advisory board, where I work with six fellow advisors from across the world to mobilize young people and fund their nature restoration and protection projects/ideas through the Iris Prize worth up to $60,000 annually.

As the Global Liaison Officer and Africa Regional Focal Point for HEY Campaign, I lead the regional focal points from across six continents and mentor young people from over 30 African countries to ensure the sustainable implementation of their projects. I also led the development of the African Youth Climate Action Plan, an action plan developed by young people from countries across Africa, directed to African leaders to guide their demand for young people at COP27 and beyond.

I have professional certifications from Google and IBM in Data Science, Cornell University in Environmental Education and Community Engagement, and Project Management from the University of Virginia. I am also a fellow of the Oxford School of Climate Change Fellowship, the Civic Change Makers Fellowship, the PRB Youth Multimedia Fellowship, the YALI RLC, the Solving Public Problems Accelerator Program by the GovLab, the Burnes Center for Social Change (Northeastern University), the Climate Democracy Action Program, and the Click-on Kaduna Data Science Fellowship. 

I have been featured in top national and international magazines and interviewed by leading media houses, including Good Morning Barbados, NTA, Biodiversity Action Europe Roundtable, Youth STEM 2030, Environews Nigeria, EarthDay.ORG, etc. I love working with data to help policymakers make informed, data-driven decisions, and my lifetime goal is to create impact and inspire the next generation of changemakers!

Outside of work, you can find me working out in the gym, running along the street, karaoke-ing to country music, and reading books that interest me. 

  • Nationality:Nigeria
  • Interests:Gyming and running
  • Freelance:Available

Programming Skills

Python for Data Science 90%

Language Skills



  • svgData Science
  • svgData Governance
  • svgProject Management
  • svgPolicy Formulation, Review, and Analysis
  • svgCommunity Engagement

Management Skills

  • svgProject Management
  • svgPeople Management
  • svgCommunications
  • svgEmotional Intelligence
  • svgCritical and Analytical Thinking
  • svgRisk Assessment
  • svgStrategic Planning
  • svgProject design
  • svgCommunity engagement

Areas of Interest

  • svgData Science (Data Analytics, Data Governance, Open Data, Data Inclusion)
  • svgStorytelling
  • svgEnvironmental Advocacy
  • svgProject Management
  • svgCommunity Engagement
  • svgPolicy Advocacy
  • svgResearch and Writing
  • svgSDGs

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